Loughborough University Employability Award

Ooooh this certificate says I’m employable…..

But am I…


Yes, employ me…

Right, in all seriousness completing the Loughborough Employability award has opened my eyes to the skills and achievements that I have gained through my time at Loughborough University.

The award constitutes several sections of skill reflections, achievements and benefits of participating in activities, societies, work, sport and volunteering. Through completion of the award, I realised I had more skills than I originally thought, likewise, I developed so many more skills through reflecting on everything I have achieved this year! As Dewey (1933) claimed ” you do not learn from experience, you learn from reflecting on experience.”

I’ve worked part-time in the Union Shop from assistant to eventually supervising. The transition and leadership experience this provided was more than just the responsibility of locking up and telling people what to do. Being a supervisor gave me skills in team management, organisation, motivating a team, whilst increasing my own work ethic and understanding. The confidence it gave me, although scary at first, was truly remarkable. I found myself more confident in other activities feeling confident to take the lead, and allowing my voice to be heard.

Now, that’s just one example, this year I have worked tremendously hard to round off my final year at Loughborough (or so I thought until I’ve recently decided to stay and do my masters) the best year I possibly could by gaining as much experience as I possibly could. I am so proud of myself for doing so because it opened my eyes up to so many different positions. From being a peer mentor to being an Action project leader to social media consultancy, sports editor, lead editor, marketing lead and so much more!

The award has allowed me to think deeper about all of these experiences, whilst achieving a certificate for future employers to hopefully recognise and realise the effort I have put in to achieve my dreams. I have learnt mahoooosive amounts about myself and the different activities, so thank you Loughborough for the opportunities, now I’m staying on to do a masters, I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting involved some more!



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