Coach and Volunteer Academy Awards 2017

What a night! Not only did the Volunteer Zambia fundraising group make £200 on the raffle, photo booth and heads or tails game, I was also part of the Midlands Conference Cup team, who won Team of The Year, at this years CVA awards night!

The CVA is an incredible part of Loughborough Sport which allows students to volunteer and log their hours, across a range of strands; marketing and communications, events, coaching, officiating, gym, health and fitness, facility operations, sport science, and of course Volunteer Zambia!

The CVA has made my final undergraduate year absolutely incredible and I honestly could not have developed my media, marketing, communications, organisation, leadership or confidence in a better way! I logged over 200 hours despite the demands of a dissertation, my course, football and several other commitments!

Being part of the Midlands Conference Cup Senior Leadership team as the Senior Media Lead provided me with the greatest sense of independence and confidence. This role was pivotal in illustrating to me that media and marketing is definitely the direction I want to take in life. Furthermore, it showed me how I can lead, manage and work under pressure. We came up with a whole new brand, we only had one month to plan, promote and establish ourselves. On the day we had 25 fixtures to cover, safe to say that was a challenge in itself, but we did it! And I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this incredible team and the recognition we have received by winning this award!

p.s. If you’re a Loughborough student, you can find more information about the CVA here;


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