This summer I will be embarking on two volunteer programs to enhance the sporting experiences to those in India and Zambia. I have always wanted to go abroad to help others and I am incredibly excited to do just that! Below is some more information regarding each project. I am currently still fundraising for both projects so if you’d like to help click the links below to donate!


I am going to India with Challenges Abroad for 3 weeks to teach English and hopefully a bit of sport! I am very excited however, I still have a little bit of fundraising left to do. I am currently just under £400 to go so if you would like to donate click the link below, the money raised goes to the FutureSense Foundation.

Fundraising page:


In August I am going to Zambia for 6 weeks as part of the Wallace Group’s Volunteer Zambia. The Wallace group and the project details can be found here;

I discovered the project very late due to a dropout and a long confusing story, to which, in short I got on to the program via my mums favorite saying “if you don’t ask, you don’t get.” I sent an email with application to which I was successful after interview and accepted onto the program.

This year the Volunteer Zambia program has widened its aims, rather than a pure focus on sports teaching and coaching there are now more opportunities to do placements such as sports science, event management, bid and sponsorship writing, as well as marketing and communications. This broader scope is due to the needs in which the Zambian organisations have stressed they require.

I will be on a marketing and communications placement aiming to market and celebrate sport for all!  I also hope to spend my spare time on the project assisting with coaching sessions or PE Lessons, as I definitely want to experience the impact that sport has on young people.

Fundraising page:

I will be documenting my journeys through future blog posts so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

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